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    Dear comrades and friends:

    We welcome you to the official website of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).

    This website is one more step to reinforce WFDY, and its role and intervention as a youth international, anti-imperialist, left-wing organisation, gathering organisations from all around the world connected to each country’s fights, and being a space of co-operation, solidarity and trade of information for the progressive youth forces. From now it is only available in English but we are doing efforts to have it also in other languages as soon as possible.

    The action and role of WFDY organizations and the youth progressive movement in the struggle against imperialism and war, for democracy and freedom, for social progress, for peace, for a new society without exploitation, for national sovereignty and international solidarity is determinant and a contribution for the fight’s development and for the conquest of the youth rights.

    One of the main expressions of the anti-imperialist struggle leaded by the young people is the World Festival of Youth and Students, initiated in 1947. WFDY is a driving force in the Festival movement and is proud of its contribution since its foundation in 1945, among many other progressive and democratic youth structures and organizations.

    WFDY has been growing and getting stronger, our activities have been increased, the involvement and participation of the member and friendly organizations is getting larger, our role is being appreciated and recognized by more and more young people all over the world.

    The reinforcement of our organizations and its activities in each country is the most important contribution to the consequent reinforcement of WFDY. We must to keep working hard to affirm its principles, positions and actions. For this battle is necessary that each one of our representatives, in each country, in each town or place have the knowledge, the ideas and the clear concepts of our fight with the goal to increase our efforts and to reinforce and affirm the aims and actions of WFDY.

    We believe that this website will help on this collective effort.


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