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    A call from the World Federation of Democratic Youth in solidarity with Palestinian Administrative Detainees

    Strike of freedom and dignity… Under this slogan, tens of Palestinian administrative detainees entered a hunger strike, since 24 of April 2014. Against the administrative law used by the Israeli authorities to detain Palestinians with no trail or charges. With tens of detainees transferred to hospitals due to their critical medical conditions that may lead to their martyrdom.

    One cannot find a better description of imperialism than through the acts of the Zionist entity. Occupation, displacement, attacks, settlements, wars, and economic sanctions against the Palestinians.  Intervention in the whole region of Middle East, mainly in Lebanon and Syria. Destroying all aspects of rejection and life against occupation of Palestine and some part of Lebanon and Syria. As well as control of the region. (more…)


    The Youth of the World Condemns RENAMO’s Attacks

    The World Federation of Democratic Youth strongly condemns the recent and recurrent Renamo’s act, which occurred earlier in the central region of Muxúnguè and last week in the region of Gorongosa, Sofala province, in the central region of Mozambique, which resulted in the death of many people and destruction of properties. WFDY forcefully repudiates the attitude of Renamo of manipulating and intimidating the youth and the Mozambican people, being responsible of the death of nearly hundred of innocent civilians since it began. Military positions of the National Army are also targets of sabotage and destruction, including public and private property in the central region of the country. (more…)

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    The World Federation of democratic Youth on the First of May

    On the First on May, the Workers Day. The day that resembles the righteous of the peoples in a prosperous developed world. In a world, that reaches their presence as individuals with a right to produce, a developed society. Being the ones that benefit from their own production, taking this advantage of their qualities for a better life.

    On this great day, history strikes its events, that shouldn’t be forgettable, in the necessity of overthrowing the system responsible of the misery of the workers for decades. The exploitation of the workers’ capability, so that the minority can rule, on the flesh of the majority.  The attack of the workers’ trade union, to deprive the workers from organizing their strength. The measures of the liberal economy, privatization and open market, turning the workers into slaves of the monopolies. Working in the lowest conditions, for the benefits of these monopolies. (more…)

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