World Environment Day
05/06/2019 .

The 5th of June is designated as the World Environment Day after a decision of the United Nations. The destruction of the environment is an inevitable outcome of the imperialist structure of the world. The imperialist circles, who are primarily concerned about securing their own economic profits without worrying about the peoples, are sacrificing the environment and the future of the planet. It is a fact that awareness about the pollution of the environment is raised the last years. We welcome the massive demonstrations that raise demands against the environmental exploitation and we reaffirm that the struggle for the protection of the environment in favour of the people, cannot be separated from the struggle against imperialism and its destructive nature. Personal responsibility is a factor in this matter as well but we call the youth to be cautious about this side of the discussions around environment. The ruling classes of the world, imperialism itself, puts a lot of effort to convince the peoples that the destruction of the environment is something that passes through each individual separately. In this way they attempt to denounce their own responsibility and to hide the catastrophic consequences of the imperialist way of production. WFDY believes that the only way to put an end to the exploitation and the pollution of the environment is the overthrow of imperialism and the final victory of the peoples. In that direction we will keep fighting the root cause of wars and the destruction of the environment, for the construction of the new superior society of peace and social justice.