Long live International Workers' Day
01/05/2020 -

Today is the 1st of May, the International Workers' Day. It is a day of pride for the youth and people of the world, a day when we remember our struggles and we continue fighting against the exploitative system. We are facing this 1st of May in an unusual situation. With many countries in quarantine, suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. But above all, we face this date with the threat of a new economic crisis as a result of COVID-19. A crisis that the ruling classes want to make us, the youth and the people, pay for it. This 1st of May we must learn from our history, full of struggles, in which we can see that they have never given us anything. All the rights that the youth and the peoples have, they have been achieved through struggling. Today, more than ever, let us fight. Let us confront the enemies of the youth and the people. We will defeat the pandemic, but also those who want to make us pay for the crisis it will generate.