While the imperialists are blockading, Cuba is saving lives
20/04/2020 Cuba

Several realities are becoming evident with the COVID-19. One of them is that while the ruling classes are concerned with maintaining their benefits, even at the cost of our health, Cuba is once again becoming an example of solidarity. As we have been denouncing, we run the risk that the impacts of COVID-19 will multiply in those countries that suffer the aggressions of Imperialism. Therefore, the demand for the end of the blockade against Cuba is more essential than ever. Due to COVID-19, the blockade could have even greater impacts on the lives of the Cuban people than it already has. We demand the end of the blockade and the sanctions against Cuba. All our solidarity with Cuba and its youth and people. The anti-imperialist youth of the world recognize your work in the struggle against Imperialism and your solidarity with the peoples of the world to stop COVID-19.