Solidarity statement with the Lebanese people
17/12/2019 Lebanon

During the last months, the people from Lebanon have raised up against the anti-popular policies and the sectarian regime of the Lebanese government. Thousands of people went out to denounce that the ruling class is denying a decent life to the youth and the workers. The last two nights these demonstrations become bigger. The people have strengthened their struggle. In this situation, the Lebanese government, together with the fascist groups has responded by throwing tear gas, using water cannons against protesters, and repressing the youth and the people. The repression of the last two days has generated more than 70 wounded in Beirut. The World Federation of Democratic Youth wants to greet the struggle of the people in Lebanon in order to build the world we have dreamed of and fought for. The World Federation of Democratic Youth also wants to denounce the repression of the Lebanese government and shows solidarity with the victims of brutality.