World Health Day
07/04/2020 -

This years' World Health Day coincides with one of the most sensitive junctures in health. COVID-19 is hitting the world, causing great pain to thousands of people. From the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we want to send all our support to our comrades, friends and all those people who are suffering so much in these difficult moments. We especially remember those peoples who are facing this health crisis from countries that are suffering the offensives of Imperialism or occupation, having to face this pandemic with that added difficulty. We also remember those political prisoners who are being kept in jail by Imperialism and the ruling classes, putting their health at risk in the face of this pandemic. If there is something that this health crisis is showing, it is what we at WFDY have been denouncing for years, and which we reiterated at our 20th General Assembly. That is, there has been a process of privatization of public health, of hospitals, of health centres, etc. that has led to a deterioration of the living conditions of the youth and the working class. We are suffering the consequences of these privatizations today, with a deteriorated health system that is having problems in providing the best possible care for the patients of the COVID-19. This pandemic is also putting on the table the attempts of the dominant classes to once again make the people bear the consequences of the economic crisis that will surely be generated by COVID-19. The ruling classes are more concerned with maintaining their profits than with the lives and health of the working class. They will not hesitate to make us pay, again, for their crises. We will not allow it. But this crisis is also showing something positive: the youth and the working class organized can stand up to any situation. We are the motor force of society. Young people and workers all over the world are organizing themselves to care for the sick, help with disinfection, facilitate quarantine for the elderly or those with mobility problems, etc. For this reason, we would like to thank you for all this solidarity. Let us never forget that it is the youth and the working class that sustains this society and that in our hands lies the ability to decide the course of the world. We cannot forget either the role that some countries like Cuba are playing in this health crisis. Despite suffering the offensives of Imperialism, a criminal blockade and other difficulties, they are showing the world their commitment to international solidarity by sending doctors and saving lives wherever they are needed. This role is particularly noteworthy, especially if we compare it with how the countries of NATO, the European Union and other imperialist forces are waging a "war of pillage". Therefore, on this World Health Day marked by COVID-19, WFDY once again demands a public health system that guarantees a healthy life for the youth and the people of the world. After this health crisis, let the people be the protagonists of the future of the world.