Statement on the situation of refugees on the border between Greece and Turkey
17/03/2020 Greece, Turkey

War, interventions and occupations are generating the increase of migrations and refugees all over the world. Nowadays, there are 70 million people forced to migrate or displaced from their homeland. During the last months, this drama became visible again with the entrapment of thousands of refugees and immigrants in Aegean islands and the border between Turkey and Greece. Hundreds of people, even young people and children, are running away from their houses. Far-right, fascists, nationalists and racists are trying to take advantage of this drama, blaming the migrants and refugees as responsible for the problems the youth and the working people are suffering. These accusations are a falsification of reality that only serve the interests of the ruling classes. The drama that the youth and the people forced to migrate are suffering couldn't be understood without pointing out the role that Imperialism has. First of all, we must point out that the imperialist plans in which the ruling classes and the governments of both Greece and Turkey are actively participating, the policy of the imperialist forces, such as the European Union and the NATO, are to be blamed on the one hand for the dissolution of countries and the uprooting of the peoples and on the other hand for the entrapment of the uprooted people on the islands and the borders. The US, NATO and the EU consider the invasion of Turkey in Idlib of Syria as “just” and provide Erdogan with the alibi to use the refugees and the immigrants for the goals of the Turkish ruling class. Consequently, Imperialism is the number one responsible for forced migrations. Besides, the antihuman policies of several governments and Imperialist forces are aggravating the drama of these people. The EU-Turkey agreement, the Dublin Regulation, the policies of the Turkish and the Greek governments, etc. are worsening the already dramatic situation of the migrant and refugee people. Once again it became clear that the refugee policies of the imperialist alliances like the EU are nothing more than a hypocritical theatre. The shameful footage from last weeks proved that the EU and Turkey regard refugees, who are actually victims of the imperialist intervention, only as a matter of trade. The controllers of the system who launch the most xenophobic policies and messages against immigrants are those who are in control of the violence and the aggressiveness that are responsible for making thousands of people (mostly youngsters) refugees. The World Federation of Democratic Youth points out that the only solution to the refugees' drama is the end of the system of the imperialist wars and calls upon the peoples and the youth to organize their struggle, by pointing their fire against those who are responsible and against the causes that give birth to the problem. They shall isolate both the reactionary nationalist voices as well as the dead-end logic that feeds nationalism. ➡️ We condemn the inhuman conditions and systemic repression that many countries apply against migrant people. ➡️ We stand against the attacks against the right of asylum and the discrimination against migrant and refugee people, which work in favour of their further exploitation. ➡️ We will fight until no one has to seek asylum or be forced to migrate, that is until we defeat this imperialist system that drives us out of our homes and condemns us to lives of misery. ➡️ All our solidarity with the people suffering the consequences of this antihuman policies.