8th of March
08/03/2020 -

At the upcoming 8th of March, the world and especially we, the women, are commemorating women’s achievements in a protest against all forms of gender inequality, racism, sexism and the abuse of the women under capitalism. All over the world, the ruling class and its media are working tirelessly to make this day a symbol of consumption and celebration of the supposed equality women reached in the modern world. We denounce this deception and reiterate that our efforts should be multiplied for our liberation all around the world. Every progress in the continuous struggle for women’s rights has been a fight against, definitely not along, the ruling class, its ideology and its economic project. It is thus necessary to keep this in mind and to consider what life under capitalism is and what countries under the pressure of Imperialism are going through. For women all over the world, living under the circumstances of capitalism is a series of daily encounters with gender role expectations, gender-based oppression, sexism and sexual abuse in the society, the state or through media and advertisement, having to deal with patriarchy in all its forms. Besides, the ruling class continuously tries to destroy and delegitimize women’s achievements. We mention the attempt of the far-right and clergy in Turkey to legalize sexual abuse cases by allowing sexual abusers to marry the survivors, as an act against pro-choice activism and the legalization of abortion. A closer look on the uprisings during the last months of 2019, from Lebanon, to Algeria, Iraq, Chile and France – women stood at the forefront of their countries’ uprisings to fight against oppression, Imperialism, war, exploitation and capitalism. In Palestine, progressive movements of young feminists are trying to fight against Zionism, reactionaries, oppression and the desolate situation of their home country. This global uprising cannot be understood without women. Nonetheless, a lot still needs to be done, in our fight towards better living conditions of women. The wage of the women is globally still less than men’s, even in the European Union, women earn in average 16% less than men for the same job and qualifications. Likewise, care work, which is worldwide considered a woman’s "duty“, is mostly unpaid labour. Women under capitalism have to live through double exploitation: Whenever they get pregnant, they are most of the time at home trying to manage everything without any money. Another problem is rampant sexism, with women told what to wear and how to live. The media and advertising industry create sexual stereotypes present the female body as a mere pleasure object, not as a human being. We need to fight against all forms of gender inequality, we need to fight against the attacks of the ruling class and stand our ground against racism, gender discrimination, sexual abuse or harassment. The liberation of the whole society, of the whole world, is impossible without the liberation of women from the double exploitation and capitalist oppression against women. Let’s unify the struggles of LGBT, women and the social protests of millions around the world and show that the united force of the oppressed class cannot be defeated. Women do not need flowers or the kind words of the ruling class – they demand fundamental human rights, a life in dignity and without capitalist oppression. We demand: Freedom, peace, dignity for everyone, a life without any form of discrimination, sexism or oppression. Fundamental human rights for women all over the world, including equal wages, better living conditions and retirement. To accept pro-choice decisions of all the women around the world, their right for safe and free abortion and an immediate end of the interventions of politicians and clerics in the lives and on the bodies of women. A life without the repression of imperialism, Zionism or capitalism for the whole society, especially the double exploitation of the women in society.