Stop the Imperialist aggressions: peace in the Middle East
08/01/2020 Iraq

Imperialism has always used all the tools at its disposal, both political and military, to try to control the different regions of the planet, even if this means causing chaos or death. The violation of Human Rights or International Law has never impeded the satisfaction of its interests. The new aggressions of the United States against Iran can only be understood in this context. These aggressions only want to guarantee US control of the Middle East region. The US aggression on the region can only be speculated as an attempt to inflict power. War should be avoided in Iraq and the region since civilians especially those who seek social justice will be victims to those wars. Decisions of war cannot be taken on behalf of civilians and an entire nation. The series of political turbulences happening recently clearly foreshadow and aim at turning Iraq into a war site where fighting parties settle their issues through the bloodshed of the Iraqi people. All national parties in the region are urged to stand one united to support the region rise above and avoid sacrificing the lives of the people and turning a whole country into a battlefield where opposing parties avenge through war. In the present circumstances, we stress WFDY supports the Iraqi people the importance of being united against foreign interferences and against whoever tries to ignite strife in the region. From the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we condemn the US drone attack on the international airport in Baghdad. These attacks could lead to an escalation of tension in the Middle East, an escalation that will undoubtedly affect the workers and people of the region in particular. In the face of these aggressions and the threat of an increase in them, the World Federation of Democratic Youth makes the following statement. WFDY reaffirms its commitment to lasting peace. Therefore, we demand an end to imperialist interventions in the Middle East and we demand peace both in the region and in the rest of the world. WFDY emphasizes its commitment and solidarity with the Iranian people who, last November 2019, carried out great mobilizations for peace, sovereignty, human and democratic rights and social justice. WFDY strongly condemns the repression and the use of the Iranian government's armed forces against the people. WFDY claims that the future of Iran and its political system is a matter to be determined by the Iranian people and only by them, and therefore rejects foreign intervention in Iran under any pretext. Because of the threat that Iraq could become the battlefield between the US and Iran, WFDY wants to convey a fraternal greeting to the Iraqi people and demands peace in the country. WFDY wants to salute again the mobilizations that the Iraqi people are carrying out in the last months for a dignified life, and in front of which they are suffering the brutal repression of their government, the death of more than 350 demonstrators, thousands of injured and countless arrests.