Our statements

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21/03/2019 .

The 21st of March is marked by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. As the General Assembly of the United Nations, correctly underlines “any doctrine of racial superiority is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous and must be rejected, together with theories that attempt to determine the existence of separate human races.” For WFDY, the phenomenon of racial discrimination is nothing more than another extension of the many effects of imperialism in today’s societies. Nowadays, as it is also recognized by a document of the UN, this phenomenon is expressed with “various racist extremist movements based on ideologies that seek to promote populist, nationalist, right-wing agendas and racial superiority, fuelling racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance” One of the most dangerous and unhuman extents of this phenomenon is the revival of Nazism through the many fascist and neonazist organisations around the world. WFDY, as a true child of the victory of the peoples against fascism, shall rise, bring together all the progressive youth of the world and fight against this monstrosity with unity, solidarity and internationalism. We state ready and militant! Defenders of peace and friendship!

Solidarity statement with the Lebanese people
17/12/2019 Lebanon

During the last months, the people from Lebanon have raised up against the anti-popular policies and the sectarian regime of the Lebanese government. Thousands of people went out to denounce that the ruling class is denying a decent life to the youth and the workers. The last two nights these demonstrations become bigger. The people have strengthened their struggle. In this situation, the Lebanese government, together with the fascist groups has responded by throwing tear gas, using water cannons against protesters, and repressing the youth and the people. The repression of the last two days has generated more than 70 wounded in Beirut. The World Federation of Democratic Youth wants to greet the struggle of the people in Lebanon in order to build the world we have dreamed of and fought for. The World Federation of Democratic Youth also wants to denounce the repression of the Lebanese government and shows solidarity with the victims of brutality.

In Solidarity with Sri Lankan People
24/04/2019 Sri Lanka

The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the brutal attacks on Sri Lankan people causing deaths to the hundreds of innocent people and making several hundreds of people injured. We initially express our condolences to the families of the deceased and wish fast recovery to the injured. We express our solidarity towards Sri Lankan people and we wish strength and courage to face the situation and recover from the trauma together as one. We vehemently condemn all racial and religious extremism which constantly bring bloodshed to the world. We request from progressive youth and students in Sri Lanka to face this situation wisely and to propagate peace within people. We simultaneously, request all the people in Sri Lanka not to divide into ethnic differences but to unite as one nation in the process of recovering from this trauma. Long live peace!

International Migrants Day
18/12/2019 .

Today, 18th of December is the International Migrants Day. War, interventions and occupations are generating the increase of migrations and refugees all over the world. Also, climate change is starting to generate migrations in some countries. Nowadays, there are 70 million people forced to migrate or displaced. In this context, fascists, the extreme right and fundamentalists are promoting xenophobia and racism against migrants and refugees. The ruling class is trying to take advantage of this situation, disorienting the working class from focusing on their class opponent and making them focus on artificial divisions such as those related to migrants and refugees instead. It is important to underline that those who launch the most xenophobic policies and messages against immigrants are actually those who are in control of the violence and the aggressiveness that are responsible for making thousands of people (mostly youngsters) refugees. Imperialism not only causes forced migrations and refugees, but it also causes, by repressive policies, the death and even murdering of thousands of people whose only “crime” was to search for better living conditions. An example of this is the European Union or the United States of America by their immigration policy. The World Federation of Democratic Youth points out that Imperialism is the first responsible for forced migrations and refugees. The World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces xenophobia and racism, which are tools of the ruling class to divide the workers. The World Federation of Democratic Youth reiterates its commitment with the anti-imperialist struggle, which is the only way to achieve lasting peace and the end of forced migrations.

World Environment Day
05/06/2019 .

The 5th of June is designated as the World Environment Day after a decision of the United Nations. The destruction of the environment is an inevitable outcome of the imperialist structure of the world. The imperialist circles, who are primarily concerned about securing their own economic profits without worrying about the peoples, are sacrificing the environment and the future of the planet. It is a fact that awareness about the pollution of the environment is raised the last years. We welcome the massive demonstrations that raise demands against the environmental exploitation and we reaffirm that the struggle for the protection of the environment in favour of the people, cannot be separated from the struggle against imperialism and its destructive nature. Personal responsibility is a factor in this matter as well but we call the youth to be cautious about this side of the discussions around environment. The ruling classes of the world, imperialism itself, puts a lot of effort to convince the peoples that the destruction of the environment is something that passes through each individual separately. In this way they attempt to denounce their own responsibility and to hide the catastrophic consequences of the imperialist way of production. WFDY believes that the only way to put an end to the exploitation and the pollution of the environment is the overthrow of imperialism and the final victory of the peoples. In that direction we will keep fighting the root cause of wars and the destruction of the environment, for the construction of the new superior society of peace and social justice.

About the latest developments between India and Pakistan
01/03/2019 Asia and Pacific

WFDY observes with concern the latest developments between India and Pakistan who due to the military operations and activities of armed groups, are facing the danger of a new escalation of the tension. The peoples of India and Pakistan have experienced the bloodsheds of war in the past and they know that in these wars there is no winner people but only suffering peoples and satisfied ruling classes. People of both countries already faces serious deficiencies with countless problems such as unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, discrimination, limited access to health and education, debts etc. War between territories or countries will only increase the for the people who are already fighting to survive with the social and economic problems. We urge both Indian and Pakistan governments to take immediate action to mitigate the rising tension between these two nations and to make every possible step to stop an inhuman conflict from happening. We encourage and sincerely request the people of both countries not to separate but to unite, not to step towards war but to step towards peace, not to hate the each other but to see each other as equals, not to fight with each other but to unite and demand rights for everyone. As the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we convey our solidarity towards the people in both India and Pakistan with the hope for long lasting peace between these two nations.

About the coup in Venezuela
30/04/2019 Venezuela

The puppet of the US, Juan Guaido, stated today that the “final phase” of the overthrow of the legitimate president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has begun. Calling for the support of the military forces and the people of the country, Guaido is attempting a coup against the elected government of Venezuela. This action brings new escalation to the violence in Venezuela and great dangers for the people of the country. WFDY salutes the immediate response of the ministry of defence with the rejection of the attempted coup. We reaffirm our support to the legitimate government of Venezuela and its rightful president, Nicolas Maduro Moros. We express our total solidarity to the people of the country. We condemn any foreign interference in Venezuela. The anti-imperialist youth of the world stands by the side of our member organisations of the country in this difficult moment. We ask from all of our member organisations, to state clearly that those attacks are not accepted and will not be tolerated! We ask from all the peace-loving people of the planet to shout out loud: Imperialism, Hands off Venezuela!

Solidarity statement with the people from India in their struggle against the Citizenship Amendment Bill
18/12/2019 India

Solidarity statement with the people from India in their struggle against the Citizenship Amendment Bill: The Citizenship Amendment Bill approved last Wednesday has led to mobilizations in India against it. The students, youth and people from India are struggling against this nationalist and fundamentalist law. The government is answering to these demonstrations with repression, imposing curfews and cutting off internet access. The police brutality has caused six deaths, four of them by police shooting. The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the repression of the Indian government that the students, the youth and the people from India are suffering. Our condolences to the families and friends of the victims. The World Federation of Democratic Youth also wants to greet the struggle of the Indian people against the Citizenship Amendment Bill. _____ Declaración en solidaridad con el pueblo indio en su lucha contra la reforma de la ley de ciudadanía: La reforma de la ley de ciudadanía aprobada el pasado miércoles ha provocado grandes movilizaciones en India. El estudiantado, la juventud y el pueblo de India están luchando contra esta ley nacionalista y fundamentalista. El gobierno está respondiendo a estas movilizaciones con represión, toques de queda y cortes en el acceso a internet. La brutalidad policial ha ocasionado ya seis muertes, cuatro de ellas por disparos de la policía. La Federación Mundial de la Juventud Democrática condena la represión del gobierno indio contra el estudiantado, la juventud y el pueblo. Queremos trasladar nuestras condolencias a familiares y amigas de las víctimas. La Federación Mundial de la Juventud Democrática también quiere saludar la lucha del pueblo indio contra la reforma de la ley de ciudadanía.

Stop the Imperialist aggressions: peace in the Middle East
08/01/2020 Iraq

Imperialism has always used all the tools at its disposal, both political and military, to try to control the different regions of the planet, even if this means causing chaos or death. The violation of Human Rights or International Law has never impeded the satisfaction of its interests. The new aggressions of the United States against Iran can only be understood in this context. These aggressions only want to guarantee US control of the Middle East region. The US aggression on the region can only be speculated as an attempt to inflict power. War should be avoided in Iraq and the region since civilians especially those who seek social justice will be victims to those wars. Decisions of war cannot be taken on behalf of civilians and an entire nation. The series of political turbulences happening recently clearly foreshadow and aim at turning Iraq into a war site where fighting parties settle their issues through the bloodshed of the Iraqi people. All national parties in the region are urged to stand one united to support the region rise above and avoid sacrificing the lives of the people and turning a whole country into a battlefield where opposing parties avenge through war. In the present circumstances, we stress WFDY supports the Iraqi people the importance of being united against foreign interferences and against whoever tries to ignite strife in the region. From the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we condemn the US drone attack on the international airport in Baghdad. These attacks could lead to an escalation of tension in the Middle East, an escalation that will undoubtedly affect the workers and people of the region in particular. In the face of these aggressions and the threat of an increase in them, the World Federation of Democratic Youth makes the following statement. WFDY reaffirms its commitment to lasting peace. Therefore, we demand an end to imperialist interventions in the Middle East and we demand peace both in the region and in the rest of the world. WFDY emphasizes its commitment and solidarity with the Iranian people who, last November 2019, carried out great mobilizations for peace, sovereignty, human and democratic rights and social justice. WFDY strongly condemns the repression and the use of the Iranian government's armed forces against the people. WFDY claims that the future of Iran and its political system is a matter to be determined by the Iranian people and only by them, and therefore rejects foreign intervention in Iran under any pretext. Because of the threat that Iraq could become the battlefield between the US and Iran, WFDY wants to convey a fraternal greeting to the Iraqi people and demands peace in the country. WFDY wants to salute again the mobilizations that the Iraqi people are carrying out in the last months for a dignified life, and in front of which they are suffering the brutal repression of their government, the death of more than 350 demonstrators, thousands of injured and countless arrests.

Stop the police brutality against Lebanese people
16/01/2020 Lebanon

In the last hours, massive demonstrations took place in Lebanon against the policies of the Lebanese government, written by and for the ruling class. The state in Lebanon has been for years now, working against the interest of the disenfranchised. The people of Lebanon have been struggling for a dignified life for the youth and the working class. On this last demonstration, the repression of the Lebanese government against the people has increased. Hundreds of protesters were arrested and brutally injured by the police. WFDY salutes the struggle of our comrades from ULDY and the Lebanese people and condemns the repression of the Lebanese hegemonic government. Keep forward until we have built the world we have dreamt of and fought for!

International Day of Education
24/01/2020 .

Today, on the 24th of January, on the International Day of Education, we must underline that Education is a strategic matter for peoples struggling to emancipate themselves from the exploitive system. We denounce elitist and conservative views of Education, which point out it as a privilege and not as a right of our peoples. We also reject the privatization and commercialization of schools and universities, the collection of fees, monthly payments or tariffs in any stage of the education because they reinforce a business approach to education and raise class barriers to the free access of the youth. We denounce the presence and the intrusion of multinational companies in education, resulting in an immense loss of quality in favor of the capital. Let's struggle for a free, scientific, public education to overcome inequalities!

International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
27/01/2020 Poland

Today is the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. All our respect to the comrades who were killed at the hands of fascism and nazism. All our appreciation to those who 75 years ago liberated the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp. In other words, all our recognition of the Soviet troops and their contribution in defeating fascism and nazism. Let no one else fall victim to fascism again!

World Wildlife Day
03/03/2020 .

Today, 3rd of March is the World Wildlife Day. This day is intended to raise awareness about the destruction of the environment and the impact this has on the flora and fauna. WFDY is aware of the dangers that the destruction of the planet. But we are also aware of who is responsible for destroying our world, its environment and its lives: Imperialism. That is why, today, in a context like this where environmental awareness is increasing, we need to unite our struggles against the number one enemy of youth, the people and the planet: Imperialism. Let's stop the ruling classes that plunder our natural resources; those who produce only to satisfy their interests without thinking about our needs, the limits of the planet, and the environmental impacts; those who put at risk the survival of the planet, the flora, the fauna and our lives.

8th of March
08/03/2020 -

At the upcoming 8th of March, the world and especially we, the women, are commemorating women’s achievements in a protest against all forms of gender inequality, racism, sexism and the abuse of the women under capitalism. All over the world, the ruling class and its media are working tirelessly to make this day a symbol of consumption and celebration of the supposed equality women reached in the modern world. We denounce this deception and reiterate that our efforts should be multiplied for our liberation all around the world. Every progress in the continuous struggle for women’s rights has been a fight against, definitely not along, the ruling class, its ideology and its economic project. It is thus necessary to keep this in mind and to consider what life under capitalism is and what countries under the pressure of Imperialism are going through. For women all over the world, living under the circumstances of capitalism is a series of daily encounters with gender role expectations, gender-based oppression, sexism and sexual abuse in the society, the state or through media and advertisement, having to deal with patriarchy in all its forms. Besides, the ruling class continuously tries to destroy and delegitimize women’s achievements. We mention the attempt of the far-right and clergy in Turkey to legalize sexual abuse cases by allowing sexual abusers to marry the survivors, as an act against pro-choice activism and the legalization of abortion. A closer look on the uprisings during the last months of 2019, from Lebanon, to Algeria, Iraq, Chile and France – women stood at the forefront of their countries’ uprisings to fight against oppression, Imperialism, war, exploitation and capitalism. In Palestine, progressive movements of young feminists are trying to fight against Zionism, reactionaries, oppression and the desolate situation of their home country. This global uprising cannot be understood without women. Nonetheless, a lot still needs to be done, in our fight towards better living conditions of women. The wage of the women is globally still less than men’s, even in the European Union, women earn in average 16% less than men for the same job and qualifications. Likewise, care work, which is worldwide considered a woman’s "duty“, is mostly unpaid labour. Women under capitalism have to live through double exploitation: Whenever they get pregnant, they are most of the time at home trying to manage everything without any money. Another problem is rampant sexism, with women told what to wear and how to live. The media and advertising industry create sexual stereotypes present the female body as a mere pleasure object, not as a human being. We need to fight against all forms of gender inequality, we need to fight against the attacks of the ruling class and stand our ground against racism, gender discrimination, sexual abuse or harassment. The liberation of the whole society, of the whole world, is impossible without the liberation of women from the double exploitation and capitalist oppression against women. Let’s unify the struggles of LGBT, women and the social protests of millions around the world and show that the united force of the oppressed class cannot be defeated. Women do not need flowers or the kind words of the ruling class – they demand fundamental human rights, a life in dignity and without capitalist oppression. We demand: Freedom, peace, dignity for everyone, a life without any form of discrimination, sexism or oppression. Fundamental human rights for women all over the world, including equal wages, better living conditions and retirement. To accept pro-choice decisions of all the women around the world, their right for safe and free abortion and an immediate end of the interventions of politicians and clerics in the lives and on the bodies of women. A life without the repression of imperialism, Zionism or capitalism for the whole society, especially the double exploitation of the women in society.

Statement on the situation of refugees on the border between Greece and Turkey
17/03/2020 Greece, Turkey

War, interventions and occupations are generating the increase of migrations and refugees all over the world. Nowadays, there are 70 million people forced to migrate or displaced from their homeland. During the last months, this drama became visible again with the entrapment of thousands of refugees and immigrants in Aegean islands and the border between Turkey and Greece. Hundreds of people, even young people and children, are running away from their houses. Far-right, fascists, nationalists and racists are trying to take advantage of this drama, blaming the migrants and refugees as responsible for the problems the youth and the working people are suffering. These accusations are a falsification of reality that only serve the interests of the ruling classes. The drama that the youth and the people forced to migrate are suffering couldn't be understood without pointing out the role that Imperialism has. First of all, we must point out that the imperialist plans in which the ruling classes and the governments of both Greece and Turkey are actively participating, the policy of the imperialist forces, such as the European Union and the NATO, are to be blamed on the one hand for the dissolution of countries and the uprooting of the peoples and on the other hand for the entrapment of the uprooted people on the islands and the borders. The US, NATO and the EU consider the invasion of Turkey in Idlib of Syria as “just” and provide Erdogan with the alibi to use the refugees and the immigrants for the goals of the Turkish ruling class. Consequently, Imperialism is the number one responsible for forced migrations. Besides, the antihuman policies of several governments and Imperialist forces are aggravating the drama of these people. The EU-Turkey agreement, the Dublin Regulation, the policies of the Turkish and the Greek governments, etc. are worsening the already dramatic situation of the migrant and refugee people. Once again it became clear that the refugee policies of the imperialist alliances like the EU are nothing more than a hypocritical theatre. The shameful footage from last weeks proved that the EU and Turkey regard refugees, who are actually victims of the imperialist intervention, only as a matter of trade. The controllers of the system who launch the most xenophobic policies and messages against immigrants are those who are in control of the violence and the aggressiveness that are responsible for making thousands of people (mostly youngsters) refugees. The World Federation of Democratic Youth points out that the only solution to the refugees' drama is the end of the system of the imperialist wars and calls upon the peoples and the youth to organize their struggle, by pointing their fire against those who are responsible and against the causes that give birth to the problem. They shall isolate both the reactionary nationalist voices as well as the dead-end logic that feeds nationalism. ➡️ We condemn the inhuman conditions and systemic repression that many countries apply against migrant people. ➡️ We stand against the attacks against the right of asylum and the discrimination against migrant and refugee people, which work in favour of their further exploitation. ➡️ We will fight until no one has to seek asylum or be forced to migrate, that is until we defeat this imperialist system that drives us out of our homes and condemns us to lives of misery. ➡️ All our solidarity with the people suffering the consequences of this antihuman policies.

World Health Day
07/04/2020 -

This years' World Health Day coincides with one of the most sensitive junctures in health. COVID-19 is hitting the world, causing great pain to thousands of people. From the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we want to send all our support to our comrades, friends and all those people who are suffering so much in these difficult moments. We especially remember those peoples who are facing this health crisis from countries that are suffering the offensives of Imperialism or occupation, having to face this pandemic with that added difficulty. We also remember those political prisoners who are being kept in jail by Imperialism and the ruling classes, putting their health at risk in the face of this pandemic. If there is something that this health crisis is showing, it is what we at WFDY have been denouncing for years, and which we reiterated at our 20th General Assembly. That is, there has been a process of privatization of public health, of hospitals, of health centres, etc. that has led to a deterioration of the living conditions of the youth and the working class. We are suffering the consequences of these privatizations today, with a deteriorated health system that is having problems in providing the best possible care for the patients of the COVID-19. This pandemic is also putting on the table the attempts of the dominant classes to once again make the people bear the consequences of the economic crisis that will surely be generated by COVID-19. The ruling classes are more concerned with maintaining their profits than with the lives and health of the working class. They will not hesitate to make us pay, again, for their crises. We will not allow it. But this crisis is also showing something positive: the youth and the working class organized can stand up to any situation. We are the motor force of society. Young people and workers all over the world are organizing themselves to care for the sick, help with disinfection, facilitate quarantine for the elderly or those with mobility problems, etc. For this reason, we would like to thank you for all this solidarity. Let us never forget that it is the youth and the working class that sustains this society and that in our hands lies the ability to decide the course of the world. We cannot forget either the role that some countries like Cuba are playing in this health crisis. Despite suffering the offensives of Imperialism, a criminal blockade and other difficulties, they are showing the world their commitment to international solidarity by sending doctors and saving lives wherever they are needed. This role is particularly noteworthy, especially if we compare it with how the countries of NATO, the European Union and other imperialist forces are waging a "war of pillage". Therefore, on this World Health Day marked by COVID-19, WFDY once again demands a public health system that guarantees a healthy life for the youth and the people of the world. After this health crisis, let the people be the protagonists of the future of the world.

Solidarity with Saharawi people in the face of COVID-19
16/04/2020 Western Sahara

A few days ago, in the face of the COVID-19, more than 750 organizations from around the world sent a letter demanding that the United Nations assume its responsibility to protect the Saharawi people in the refugee camps, in the occupied territories and the Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan jails. The World Federation of Democratic Youth wants to join this call and show all our solidarity to the Saharawi people and youth in these difficult circumstances. We want to reiterate our solidarity with all the peoples of the world in the face of this pandemic. Especially those peoples who are suffering from the offensives of Imperialism, occupation, blockades, and other obstacles that increase suffering in the face of this health crisis.

Free Palestinian political prisoners
17/04/2020 Palestine

Today is the Day of the Palestinian Prisoners. We would like to reiterate, once again, the commitment of the World Federation of Democratic Youth to all Palestinian political prisoners. Moreover, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, the struggle for their freedom requires a greater effort. We run the risk that the health of the prisoners in Israeli prisons will not be guaranteed. That is why WFDY has joined an international campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners. We call to defend the Palestinian prisoners and not to leave them alone, victims of violence in the prisons of the occupation.

Imperialism, hands off Venezuela
19/04/2020 Venezuela

The 19th of April is a day of remembrance for anti-imperialist youth. On this date, we salute the great struggle of the Venezuelan youth and people against the continuous aggression of Imperialism. We denounce again the continuous aggression of Imperialism against the youth and the Venezuelan people. All our support and solidarity! Imperialism, hands off Venezuela!

While the imperialists are blockading, Cuba is saving lives
20/04/2020 Cuba

Several realities are becoming evident with the COVID-19. One of them is that while the ruling classes are concerned with maintaining their benefits, even at the cost of our health, Cuba is once again becoming an example of solidarity. As we have been denouncing, we run the risk that the impacts of COVID-19 will multiply in those countries that suffer the aggressions of Imperialism. Therefore, the demand for the end of the blockade against Cuba is more essential than ever. Due to COVID-19, the blockade could have even greater impacts on the lives of the Cuban people than it already has. We demand the end of the blockade and the sanctions against Cuba. All our solidarity with Cuba and its youth and people. The anti-imperialist youth of the world recognize your work in the struggle against Imperialism and your solidarity with the peoples of the world to stop COVID-19.

Avanti popolo, avante com abril
25/04/2020 Italy, Portugal

Today is a proud day for the anti-fascist youth. Seventy-five years ago, the Resistance and the youth and people of Italy defeated the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini and ended the Fascist occupation. Forty-six years ago, the military and the youth and people of Portugal led the Carnation Revolution that would end the dictatorship of Marcelo Caetano. The World Federation of Democratic Youth was born after World War II, and one of its founding principles was the fight against fascism. Today, we are proud heirs of this struggle, and we will not allow any reactionary or fascist advance at this time. Avanti popolo! Avante com Abril!

Long live International Workers' Day
01/05/2020 -

Today is the 1st of May, the International Workers' Day. It is a day of pride for the youth and people of the world, a day when we remember our struggles and we continue fighting against the exploitative system. We are facing this 1st of May in an unusual situation. With many countries in quarantine, suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. But above all, we face this date with the threat of a new economic crisis as a result of COVID-19. A crisis that the ruling classes want to make us, the youth and the people, pay for it. This 1st of May we must learn from our history, full of struggles, in which we can see that they have never given us anything. All the rights that the youth and the peoples have, they have been achieved through struggling. Today, more than ever, let us fight. Let us confront the enemies of the youth and the people. We will defeat the pandemic, but also those who want to make us pay for the crisis it will generate.