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    Land Day

    3o March 1976 was a date for another expansion of the Zionist occupation of Palestine. A day where thousands of lands were occupied under international silence. A day the Zionist occupation of Palestine marked another savageness, another ambition and measure.

    Whereas it was also marked as an anniversary of our daily resistance, entitled the “Land Day”. Resembling our resistance and enduring struggle, dominance against a war machine of destruction and death. Against imperialism and its occupation of the lands, sovereignty, and lives of the peoples. A Palestinian Land Day where we renew our oath to our struggle towards life, freedom, and development, (more…)

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    Thousands of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisoners

    The ongoing occupation of Palestine, since 1948, shows another face of imperialist ambitions and destructive mechanism. While the Palestinian are facing the aggressions of the Israeli occupation by their resistance, steadfastness, and their believe in their struggle. Whereas the war machine of the Israeli occupation continues to destroy their lives, lands, and future, dividing Palestine and means of communication between the people.

    The brutality of the occupation, have always been faced by the Palestinian resistance in every possible mean. Resisting and struggling for their independence, return, and freedom. The first and second uprising, the armed resistance, the steadfastness of the Palestinians inside and outside Palestine, the daily resistance of the people, the hunger strikes of the detainees, all come in the continues struggle of the Palestinians against the Zionist occupation. As well as resisting against the imperialist ambitions and plans of control performed on them. (more…)


    Statement on the UN decision for Palestine

    After 65 years of struggling against occupation, Palestine is recognized as a non-member observer state by the United Nations; A decision, which was celebrated by the Palestinians everywhere, and considered an important victory of their resistance and struggle, against the Israeli occupation.
    The World Federation of Democratic Youth welcomes this recognition, and considers it an advanced step in the Palestinian struggle, and a progress of the peoples’ years of resistance and steadfastness. This is an achievement for the Palestinian people towards their liberation and freedom.
    The Palestinians have been struggling for years against the Zionist occupation, and the fascist acts of the Israeli government, from the daily attacks, to the wars, recently the bombardment on Gaza, to the apartheid wall, and thousands of prisoners in the Israeli jails. Once again, they succeeded to defeat the imperialist ambitions played against them.
    However, USA, Israel, and other countries who voted against, expressed the imperialist ambitions of control and expansion. This reflected the intentions of imperialism, headed by USA and Israel, against a peaceful solution in the Palestinian cause. The statements and measures implemented by USA and Israel in building 3000 new settlements as a response of the recognition, reflects the true ambitions and aggressions of imperialism. Moreover, their disrespect and unwillingness to cooperate to the international decisions of the UN, is obvious.
    WFDY congratulates the people and member organizations of Palestine in this achievement, which highlighted their struggles and resistance since the occupation. Our common struggle against imperialism will continue, as long as imperialism is performing exploitation, injustice, aggression, and war against the development, progress, and peace of the people.

    We know that peace and freedom to Palestine is an ongoing struggle and that a lot must be done to achieve the final cause of the Palestinian people. Nevertheless this decision of the vast majority of the UN member states is an important victory.
    WFDY reaffirms its position with the rights of the Palestinian people in a free independent state within the borders existing before 1967, and East Jerusalem as its capital. We demand for the ending of the occupation and the immediate release of the prisoners from the Israeli jails. WFDY also supports the right of return of all refugees into their lands.

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