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    On the intentions for direct military interventions in Syria

    The World Federation of Democratic Youth highly condemns the imperialist military and political movestowards a direct military intervention to the sovereign state of Syria. WFDY re-affirms its position that we stand against any military or by other means intervention against the people of Syria.

    With great concern we have witnessed the past couple of weeks a mobilization of the USA and their NATO allies, EU Britain, Turkey, Gulf countries etc to call upon an immediate and direct military intervention in Syria using the pretext of the well-orchestrated allegations about use of chemical weapons. The recent history has taught us very well how pretexts are easily fabricated or used to justify the modern crimes of imperialism.


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    Palestine under Continuous Attack

    With the new declaration of war from Israel against the Palestinian People, we are facing once again imperialism’s brutality: Israel is repeatedly proving its aggressive and violent ambitions against the Palestinian People.

    An announcement of war on Gaza was declared on the 14th of the month, by Israel. Gaza is bombarded and attacked again. Death and bombs are dealt to the Palestinian people and the imperialist allies of Israel are (as usual) covering up the crime with hypocritical statements. (more…)

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    WFDY on the Developments in Syria and the Middle East

    The imperialist aggressions and contradictions in the region of Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean areincreased intensively towards Syria for more than a year now. The developing imperialist intervention together with the imperialist infighting and contradicting agendas form an increasing danger on the peoples of the region.

    The latest aggression was instrumented by the Turkish state recently, when the Turkish parliament authorized the Turkish military to proceed with “cross border operations” against Syria “when necessary”. The Turkish government not only wants to upgrade its role as a promoter of the interests of NATO in the region, but also as a regional force.


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