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    The struggle for reunification of Korea

    The Korean nation who lived as a homogeneous one has been suffering from division from about 70 years due to outside forces, the forces of the US who is maneuvering to break the nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. While North Korea is in a continuous attempt to improve the relation between North and South into peace and reunification.

    During these days we meet the 5th anniversary of October 4th Declaration which was another step after the June 5th Joint Declaration to improve the North-South relations, leading the (more…)

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    The 64th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

    The world federation of democratic youth salutes the people and youth of DPRK on this revolutionary anniversary, the 64th anniversary of the foundation of DPRK. On this day we all remember the great leadership of comrade Kim II Sung which led the country into liberation from the imperialism of Japan.

    Comrade Kim II Sung which turned this struggle into a revolutionary struggle in the hands of the peoples and proletarians, he came to draw the conclusion that revolutionaries should have one’s own faith and judgment and pioneer the path of revolution by staying among the people and relying on their strength.

    This is a day to also cherish the people of Korea who stood up for their rights and fought hard to achieve their liberation. The liberation of Korea who couldn’t be possible unless with a strong leadership and the unity of the people into proletarian masses of workers and peasants into revolutionary forces. (more…)


    International Solidarity Campaign to the Korean Youth and People

    The 25 of June is marked by the beginning of the US imperialist attack and war in Korea, 62 years ago, in1950. It was one of the first and most vicious attacks of the American Imperialism after the Second World War. It was a part of their plans to put a stop to the liberation movement that was emerging all around the world and it could threaten their interests and control around the world. Since then they didn’t hesitate to directly attack a country, to overthrow democratic governments to establish dictatorships as long as they could continue the exploitation of the peoples.  But they were not always successful because they were falling to predict the possibilities of the peoples resistance. This was the example of Korea.

    The Korean people heroically resisted the US attack. Organized and determined the Korean people were fighting for their independence for their freedom against another imperialist that was aiming to deprive them from their rights. Despite the difficulties, with courage and self sacrifice the Korean people were able to stem the attack and safeguard their freedom and their future.