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    The World Federation of democratic Youth on the First of May

    On the First on May, the Workers Day. The day that resembles the righteous of the peoples in a prosperous developed world. In a world, that reaches their presence as individuals with a right to produce, a developed society. Being the ones that benefit from their own production, taking this advantage of their qualities for a better life.

    On this great day, history strikes its events, that shouldn’t be forgettable, in the necessity of overthrowing the system responsible of the misery of the workers for decades. The exploitation of the workers’ capability, so that the minority can rule, on the flesh of the majority.  The attack of the workers’ trade union, to deprive the workers from organizing their strength. The measures of the liberal economy, privatization and open market, turning the workers into slaves of the monopolies. Working in the lowest conditions, for the benefits of these monopolies. (more…)

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    WFDY statement on the 65 years of NATO: 65 years against peace and the people

    65 years ago, in 4th of April of 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization started its murderous course in history; a history full of wars, dictatorships, assassinations, invasions and occupations. NATO is the greatest military tool of imperialism in the past 65 years directly and indirectly with the biggest crimes against the peoples that took place all this years. The anniversary of its creation is another reminder of the importance of the struggle for peace and the need to dissolve NATO and the other imperialist organizations. (more…)

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    Statement of WFDY on the developments in Ukraine

    The past months the international anti-imperialist movement is watching closely the dangerous developments that are taking place in Ukraine and the power struggle among imperialism that are leading the Ukrainian people in dangerous paths. The past few days the situation has deteriorated more openly into an international crisis.

    The developments starting with the so called Maidan demonstrations against the Yanukovych government showed clearly the elements of international interventions over the control of the country. The European Union, NATO and the US supported openly the demonstrations against the Russia-orientated government of Ukraine as a way of controlling the developments in a country that has great geopolitical interest in the power battle between Russia and NATO-EU. The gas lines connecting Russia to Europe and the effort to strengthen NATO presence around Russia are directly connected to the current situation. (more…)

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