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    Calgarians join in on drug disposal for National Prescription Drug Drop

    Even medicine cabinets need a bit of spring cleaning.

    That was the aim of National Prescription Drug Drop Off Day Saturday, where Calgarians and people across the country were encouraged to dispose of unwanted, expired or unused prescriptions drugs at local pharmacies.

    For police who deal
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    Michael kors handbags outlet effects including addictions and robberies, taking old prescriptions out of the home not only helps the environment but stops the misuse of the drugs, said RCMP Serious and Organized Crime Sgt. Lorne Adamitz.

    He said disposing the drugs at pharmacies can be done any time, but Saturday event was also to raise awareness.

    Michael Kors discounts look at our perceptions and attitudes of prescriptions drugs we somehow seem to think they are safe, they are controlled, there is no harm and we treat them very relaxed manner, Adamitz said.

    what we trying to do is we teaming
    fake Michael Kors up with the College of Pharmacists to say do we get Canadians to think about prescription drugs and that all drugs have the potential to do harm. said Canada, per capita, is one of the highest consumers of psychotropic drugs and opioids, ranked at Number 2.

    He said just as with any other drug like cocaine or heroin, once a person is
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    need to not just have a lax attitude towards prescription drugs, but think of them as a drug, like any drug,
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    Michael Kors handbag outlet our houses, let dispose of them properly, Adamitz said.

    The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police partnered with the Canadian Centre of Substance Abuse and Public Safety Canada and Alberta pharmacists for the event.Articles Connexes:

    Articles Connexes:


    A call from the World Federation of Democratic Youth in solidarity with Palestinian Administrative Detainees

    Strike of freedom and dignity… Under this slogan, tens of Palestinian administrative detainees entered a hunger strike, since 24 of April 2014. Against the administrative law used by the Israeli authorities to detain Palestinians with no trail or charges. With tens of detainees transferred to hospitals due to their critical medical conditions that may lead to their martyrdom.

    One cannot find a better description of imperialism than through the acts of the Zionist entity. Occupation, displacement, attacks, settlements, wars, and economic sanctions against the Palestinians.  Intervention in the whole region of Middle East, mainly in Lebanon and Syria. Destroying all aspects of rejection and life against occupation of Palestine and some part of Lebanon and Syria. As well as control of the region. (more…)


    The Youth of the World Condemns RENAMO’s Attacks

    The World Federation of Democratic Youth strongly condemns the recent and recurrent Renamo’s act, which occurred earlier in the central region of Muxúnguè and last week in the region of Gorongosa, Sofala province, in the central region of Mozambique, which resulted in the death of many people and destruction of properties. WFDY forcefully repudiates the attitude of Renamo of manipulating and intimidating the youth and the Mozambican people, being responsible of the death of nearly hundred of innocent civilians since it began. Military positions of the National Army are also targets of sabotage and destruction, including public and private property in the central region of the country. (more…)

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