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    A call from the World Federation of Democratic Youth in solidarity with Palestinian Administrative Detainees

    Strike of freedom and dignity… Under this slogan, tens of Palestinian administrative detainees entered a hunger strike, since 24 of April 2014. Against the administrative law used by the Israeli authorities to detain Palestinians with no trail or charges. With tens of detainees transferred to hospitals due to their critical medical conditions that may lead to their martyrdom.

    One cannot find a better description of imperialism than through the acts of the Zionist entity. Occupation, displacement, attacks, settlements, wars, and economic sanctions against the Palestinians.  Intervention in the whole region of Middle East, mainly in Lebanon and Syria. Destroying all aspects of rejection and life against occupation of Palestine and some part of Lebanon and Syria. As well as control of the region. (more…)


    On the intentions for direct military interventions in Syria

    The World Federation of Democratic Youth highly condemns the imperialist military and political movestowards a direct military intervention to the sovereign state of Syria. WFDY re-affirms its position that we stand against any military or by other means intervention against the people of Syria.

    With great concern we have witnessed the past couple of weeks a mobilization of the USA and their NATO allies, EU Britain, Turkey, Gulf countries etc to call upon an immediate and direct military intervention in Syria using the pretext of the well-orchestrated allegations about use of chemical weapons. The recent history has taught us very well how pretexts are easily fabricated or used to justify the modern crimes of imperialism.


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    WFDY statement on the resent political situation in Egypt

    Once again the Egyptian people have proved their will for democratic social transformation and sovereignty. Thousands of people filed the streets of Egypt against the reactionary regime of the Muslim brotherhood and in an effort to protect the achievements of the popular struggle during these couple of years. (more…)

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