The struggle for reunification of Korea

The Korean nation who lived as a homogeneous one has been suffering from division from about 70 years due to outside forces, the forces of the US who is maneuvering to break the nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. While North Korea is in a continuous attempt to improve the relation between North and South into peace and reunification.

During these days we meet the 5th anniversary of October 4th Declaration which was another step after the June 5th Joint Declaration to improve the North-South relations, leading the nation into reunification and peaceful prosperity. However, unfortunately, the North-South relations are in their worst situation with the rise of the anti-DPRK campaign by the US and the South Korean governments, which make all agreements of solve the political and confrontation, which were signed by both, invalidate.

In this anniversary and in the framework of the campaign of solidarity towards the Korean People, WFDY stands in solidarity with the people and youth of Korea who are struggling towards independent reunification and national prosperity. Moreover, insures that the independence and reunification in the Korean peninsula will only be achieved by the hands and work of the Korean youth and people. This independence towards peace and prosperity must be dependent on internal forces away from outside imperialistic forces of the US who has been dividing the peninsula for years for their own benefits.

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