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    WFDY on the Developments in Syria and the Middle East

    The imperialist aggressions and contradictions in the region of Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean areincreased intensively towards Syria for more than a year now. The developing imperialist intervention together with the imperialist infighting and contradicting agendas form an increasing danger on the peoples of the region.

    The latest aggression was instrumented by the Turkish state recently, when the Turkish parliament authorized the Turkish military to proceed with “cross border operations” against Syria “when necessary”. The Turkish government not only wants to upgrade its role as a promoter of the interests of NATO in the region, but also as a regional force.


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    The struggle for reunification of Korea

    The Korean nation who lived as a homogeneous one has been suffering from division from about 70 years due to outside forces, the forces of the US who is maneuvering to break the nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. While North Korea is in a continuous attempt to improve the relation between North and South into peace and reunification.

    During these days we meet the 5th anniversary of October 4th Declaration which was another step after the June 5th Joint Declaration to improve the North-South relations, leading the (more…)

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