About the referendum in Ecuador



The World Federation of Democratic Youth has received with much happiness the news about the historical triumph of “Yes” with 70% of support to the new Constitution of Republic of Ecuador, which as President Correa said, expresses the wish of Ecuadorians to achieve a new nation: sovereign, fair, without misery, with production, with employment and without discrimination.

This progressive constitution has once again defeated the neoliberal model, which has lead to poverty thousands of Ecuadorians, and includes the firm decision to not allow the keeping of foreign military bases, defending the nature, the food security, the recognition of intercultural and plurinationality, which makes it one of the most progressives of the World.

WFDY expresses its recognition towards the effort that has been being done by the Government and youth of Ecuador, which are committed to create a “citizenship revolution: a radical process of change, deep and fast”. As President Correa, WFDY calls upon all its member and friend organizations and to the youth of the World to join this recognition an express its total solidarity towards the process of change lived in Ecuador.


Budapest, September 29, 2008

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